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Trico Marine (2001-2002): as part of an union organizing campaign, retained by various maritime unions to conduct an extensive review of the offshore transportation industry, as well as Trico, a company that transports construction materials, crews and supplies to offshore oil and gas-drilling facilities

USWA-CSC, Ltd. (2001): working with management, USWA and community leaders, performed a pre-feasibility assessment of an employee-led buyout of an SBQ producer in Ohio. Offered recommendations and determined that majority ESOP was not feasible for this critical niche producer.

USWA-LTV Cleveland West (2001): assessed the current technology and investigated the alternative of installing new EAFs at LTV's Cleveland West facility

George Tice Co., Inc. (2001-2002): developed a business plan, financial pro forma and assisted with securing equity and debt financing for ownership transition of export services company.

J & L Structural (2000-2002): Chief Restructuring Officer under Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings responsible for management oversight & business sale. Restructured management, improved operations, prepared offering memorandum and identified potential buyers.

Carbide/Graphite Group (2000): assessing electrode business performance and making improvement recommendations on behalf of management and unions at two plants.

Spartan Stores (2000): evaluating incentive plan at Grand Ripds, MI and Plymouth, MI warehouse in cooperation with the Teamsters

Boxingranks (2000): developed business plan for a multi-media firm seeking to encourage boxing reform by creating an independent writers poll and broadcasting quality events.

Algoma Steel (2000): working with management and USWA to develop new strategic plan to improve the company's profitability through the development of value-added products.

Wilcox Forging (1999-2000): assessed company performance on behalf of USWA, management and State of Pennsylvania and identified buyer that acquired the business.

Minnesota Iron Ore Conference (2000): presentation on steel industry trends and implications for the Iron Range to New Horizons Conference sponsored by the State of Minnesota.

AK Steel/Armco Merger (1999): presented analysis of AK's strategy, and its implications for labor relations following AK's merger with Armco, to union leaders from both companies.

Air Line Pilots Association/Delta MEC (1999): advised the pilots union on Delta Air Lines’ business strategy and performance in connection with their 2000 contract negotiations.

Evaluation of South African Steel Projects (1999): led expert team that assessed feasibility of three proposed South African mills for Development Bank of South Africa.

Continental AG (1999): presentation to German analysts and institutional shareholders on risk profile of Continental General Tire and its parent company, Continental AG, for the USWA.

Steel Survival Strategies XIV (1999): panel presentation on Union Management Cooperation in the 21st Century” before 800 attendees at the annual steel conference sponsored by World Steel Dynamics and American Metal Market.

Washington Steel/Massillon (1999): determined that an employee-led buyout of this stainless mill slated for sale or shutdown by Bethlehem Steel was not a feasible alternative.

Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel (1998-9): expert witness and advisor to WPSC on world steel prices and production costs for its trade case against Japanese and Russian steel firms.

Music Industry Analysis (1998): presentation on the structure and dynamics of the music industry for the American Federation of Musicians.

Sysco Food Services of San Francisco (1998): warehouse performance improvement effort jointly sponsored by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and local Sysco Food Services management.

Overnite Transportation (1998): conducted financial analysis and valuation for Teamster-sponsored presentation to Wall Street trucking industry analysts.

USWA Basic Steel Industry Conference (1998): presented industry analysis to United Steelworker of America delegates at industry-wide planning conference.

Northwestern Steel and Wire (1997-98): developed a strategic plan with Arthur D. Little for the company's wire division for the firm's Joint Advisory Committee.

Santander Investment Securities (1997): served as industry expert to bank team seeking to finance a consortium of international steel makers bidding on the privatization of a major Latin American steel company.

Erie Forge and Steel (1997): explored market feasibility of new product line in connection with proposed major capital investment.

AK Steel Middletown (1997): presentation to the independent union at AK's Middletown plant evaluating the competitive issues confronting that plant, including the potential impact resulting from the company's new cold mill complex at Rockport, and offering strategic recommendations to enhance continued viability.

Expert Witness in Corporate Lawsuit (1997): prepared report and testimony for Wilson, Walker, Hochberg, Slopen in connection with major steel industry lawsuit in Canada.

Pro Media Public Relations (1997): assisted owner to define objectives, identify partner and negotiate terms of sale.

Sydney Steel (1997-8): advise and represent United Steelworkers in connection with sale of Canadian rail producer.

NWSW's Houston Beam Mill (1997): evaluated mill performance and future viability for Joint partnership in response to decision to shut facility.

Watermill Ventures (1997): conducted market due diligence for this venture capital firm in connection with proposed steel industry acquisition.

Price Pfister Foundry (1997): due diligence review of condition and future viability of foundry in Pacoima, California for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Bethlehem-Sparrows Point Strategic Plan (1996-97): Assist the labor-management Joint Partnership to develop strategic plan to enhance long-term viability.

Ownership Succession Project (1996-8): under contract to Ownership Transition Services of the NYS Department of Economic Development to provide assistance to New York City area companies at-risk due to ownership succession problems.

Steel Labor Contract Arbitrations (1996-97): advised United Steelworkers and served as their expert witness on industry prospects during arbitration proceedings with Bethlehem, Inland, LTV, National, Republic Engineered Steels and USS/Kobe.

USS/KOBE Steel (1998, 1996): two major assessments of this joint venturer's competitive position and strategic direction, including an analysis of SBQ, rod and seamless tube.

Leaf's U.S. Candy Operations (1996): evaluated Leaf's performance and strategic plan, including its plan to sell or close two production facilities, for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Steel Labor Contract Reopener (1996): advised United Steelworkers and served as their expert witness on industry prospects during arbitration proceedings with Bethlehem, Inland, LTV, National and Republic Engineered Steels.


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