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Locker Associates is a New York City based business-consulting firm that specializes in enhancing the competitiveness of businesses and industries on behalf of corporate, union and government clients.  By combining expert business and financial analysis with a sensitivity to labor issues, the firm is uniquely qualified to help clients manage change by:

Leading joint labor/management business improvement initiatives

Facilitating ownership transitions to secure the long-term viability of a business

Conducting strategic industry studies to identify future challenges and opportunities

Representing unions in strategic planning and workplace reorganization

Formulating business plans for turnaround situations

Performing due diligence for equity and debt investors

Over the last twenty eight years, the firm has directed over 225 projects spanning manufacturing, transportation, distribution and mining industries.  Typical projects involve in-depth analysis of a firm's market, financial and operating performance on behalf of a cooperative labor-management effort.  Locker Associates also publishes a widely read newsletter, Steel Industry Update, that circulates extensively throughout the steel industry.

Below is a map of the locations of just some of Locker Associates' recent projects. For more information please email us at 212-962-2980 or email us at

Locker Associates' Projects in a larger map


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Tile, Marble & Terrazzo Local 7-Strategic Research (2013): analysis of major developers and contractors to support union organizing efforts

Metallic Lathers and Reinforcing Ironworkers (2010-present):
strategic industry research and on-going advisement on major industry trends and companies to help enhance the competitive position of the unionized NYC construction industry

Communication Workers of America (CWA) (2011-present)-Cablevision:
research and analysis to prepare CWA for nationwide contract negotiations with a global telecommunications company

United Auto Workers-Steel Industry Presentation (2013):
presented status report to the UAW Steel Council composed of local union representatives from steel-related firms

Build Up NYC (BUNYC)-Strategic Research (2012-2013): directing research efforts for an NYC multi industry union coalition, composed of Building Trades, Hotel Trades and SEIU 32BJ which promotes responsible real estate development

Building & Construction Trades Council of Greater NY (BCTC)-Research (2011-present):
analysis and advisement regarding major trends in the New York City construction industry, including capital market developments which affect BCTC members

Jockeys’ Guild (2012):
profile of a national casino and racetrack operator

Main Drag (2011-present)-Business Planning:
developed a business plan, financial pro forma and assisted with securing debt financing for business development, including building an e-commerce platform

United Auto Workers (2012)-Land Use Research:
advisement and research regarding significant expansion plans for a major university in New York City

IBT/GCC-Lithographers (2012)-AFL Web Printing:
corporate research and ongoing advisement during union contract negotiations

Hostess Brands Trust (2012)-Trustee:
member of the three person Trust Advisory Board of the IBC Creditors Trust

Diversified Media Enterprises (2012)-Business Planning:
assisted with securing financing for business development for the media company which produces Worker’s Independent News (WINS) a daily newscast distributed nationwide on over 200 radio stations

Communication Workers of America (CWA) (2011-2012)-AT&T:
help prepare CWA for nation-wide contract negotiations with AT&T

Metallurgical Coal Producer (2011)-Research:
prepared a detailed study on the major trends in the world metallurgical coal market for a major metallurgical coal producer

Business Plan for High-Tech Startup (2009-2010)-Business Planning:
drafted detailed business plan to raise capital and promote a new hydrogen battery technology

IBT-Supervalu (2010):
assist union and management to identify major operational problems impacting warehouse performance and provide recommendations for joint improvement

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (2010):
presented a status report on the U.S. steel market before the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Commodities roundtable

AFM-Live NYC Music Campaign (2009):
developed for American Federation of Musicians Local 802 an extensive initiative to promote live music performances in new venues throughout NYC

AFTRA-Contract Negotiations (2009):
advised American Federation of Television and Radio Artists on contract negotiations with one of the largest U.S. media companies, including research and analysis of strategic relations

Save the World Air-Marketing (2009): develop a marketing plan to help drive sales of a technology product, ELEKTRA, an electronic fuel device for trucks that increases fuel economy (mpg's), reduces exhaust emissions and improves engine performance

IBT-Roadway/Yellow (2008):
provide financial advise to union facing major concessionary demands, including negotiating with management, providing opinion on company viability and structuring mechanism to recoup concession

IBT-U.S. Foodservice (2008):
help union and management identify major problems impacting warehouse performance and provide recommendations for making improvements

IBT-Tribune (2007):
consulting with the Teamsters on Sam Zell's takeover of the Tribune Company to help preserve IBT jobs and benefits

Allied Holdings (2007): nominated by the Teamsters to be a Board of Director's observer with a leading US car-hauler

IBT-Interstate Bakeries Corp (IBC) (2006-2011): financial advisor to the Teamsters during Chapter 11 proceedings and reorganization, including identifying potential buyers and partners

ISU-Weirton (2006-2007):
financial advisor to independent union in the sale of Weirton Steel by Mittal Steel, working with buyers and other stakeholders on transaction and financial issues, review of financial data and business strategy, identifying financing sources and management candidates

IUE-Pitt Brewing (2006-2007):
advising IUE on Chapter 11 reorganization of brewery, including analysis of financial and operating issues and negotiations with other stakeholders

Transportation Company (2006):
performed major study of U.S. iron ore and steel industries, including ten year forecast for steel demand and production, for major transportation company; provide ongoing advisory services on steel industry

UAW Steel Council (2005-2009):
periodic presentations on steel industry trends and developments, with special focus on industries and companies employing UAW members

IBT-Allied Holdings (2005-2007):
advising Teamsters on Chapter 11 reorganization of largest U.S. car-hauler, including assessing company plans, financial viability and restructuring

Wilcox Steel (2005-2007):
served as investment advisor to the Boilermakers in developing a bus i-ness plan, securing financing and closing a sale of the former Fort Howard Steel Green Bay cold-drawn bar plant. Mr. Locker now serves on the Board of the Directors of the re-opened company

MediaTEK Consulting (2004-present):
providing ongoing management consulting services to a computer technology firm specializing in websites, product development and systems admin

AEIF-IAM (2003-2007):
analyze company operations, competitive position and financial conditions for AK Steel’s Middletown local and offer insights into the company’s ongoing viability

Liberia-Iron Ore Negotiations (2006):
advised Liberian government in its iron ore negotiations with Mittal Steel; helped to obtain a $100 million improvement in contract value

reviewed NYSARC financials and bond offering and raised financial and disclosure issues with the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, on behalf of CSEA

Special Metals (2004-2006):
nominated to the Board of Directors by the United Steelworkers after this flat and long specialty steel producer emerged from bankruptcy

Stelco (2004-2005):
advising USWA Locals on restructuring efforts and contract negotiations, including operating improvements, capital plans, cost reductions and transaction due-diligence

UNITE-Angelica (2004):
presentation to major investors on cost and benefits of a company-wide union contract verses a long-term union organizing campaign

IBT-Ports (2003-2004):
working with Teamsters and a major trucking company to develop a new business model for seaport trucking operations to improve productivity, safety, security and efficiency

USWA-WCI (2003): retained by labor and management in a joint effort to analyze company's business plan and restructuring strategy

USWA-Copperweld (2003): assessed company restructuring plan on behalf of USWA to review economics of plant closure and to explore cost-effective alternatives

AK Steel (2003): analyze company operations, competitive position and financial conditions for various AK Steel unions and offer insights into the company's ongoing viability

IUE-Fridgidaire (2003): explored alternatives to air-conditioner plant shutdown through review of marketing opportunities, production capability and potential cost savings

USWA-Wheeling-Pitt (2003): review of company plans for the installation of a new EAF to be fed by a combination of scrap and liquid iron

Massillon Stainless (2002-2003): prepared sale offering memorandum for potential buyers in conjunction with union, management and government officials in Ohio

Beldon Fund (2002): evaluation of the corporate campaign strategy for environmental advocates; included recommendations on resource use and coalition building

Hunts Point NYC Terminal Produce Market (2001-2002): developed and presented a marketing and development plan to the Teamsters and Hunts Point Cooperative Market owners to explore fund raising for modernization, marketing and other viability needs

GalvPro (2001): prepared sale offering memorandum in conjunction with a team of financial and engineering experts and identified potential buyers for a successful sale of the company

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (2002): presented a status report on the U.S. Steel Market before the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Commodities roundtable

Co-Steel Lasco (2002): USW initiated review of major operating problems; supported by management and included recommendations for improvement

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Locker Associates' Presentation at the UAW Steel Council on February 25, 2013

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